6 Self-Tanning Myths – Busted!

6 Self-Tanning Myths – Busted!

A fake tanner is either the best or scariest beauty product on your shelf— and that’s largely because of all the “horror stories” surrounding the product that makes the beauty ritual sound scary. To help separate fake tanning fact from fiction, we’ve rounded up six of the most widely believed self-tanning myths – and busted them wide open! Curious? Of course you are…

1. Fake tans always look fake

Resigned to the fact your fake tan will probably look a little, well, fake? Don’t be. While we’ve all seen bad tans happen to good people, 9 times out of 10 those Cheeto palms and that hi-vis hue are a result of using a cheap and nasty formula. One that’s made with poor quality DHA and harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and, if you’re extra lucky, cause breakouts (yay!). 

The good news – and there is some, we promise! – is that once you know what to look out for, tanning disasters are a thing of the past.

Our tips? For a beautifully bronzed (rather than awfully orange) result, your first step is to skip the chemical-packed self-tanners and instead choose a quality product with natural DHA. Next, make sure it comes chock-full of antioxidants and natural hydrators to make your skin glow. And, last but not least, check that it comes with a green-grey base that will cancel out any redness and suit all skin tones. Hmmm, now if only we knew where to find a self-tanner like that…? 

2. A faux glow provides sun protection

Brighter eyes, sculpted abs, newfound cheekbones… A self-tan does a bunch of miraculous things. However, protecting you from damaging UV rays is NOT one of them! 

A fake tan is not natural melanin, and it won’t give you ANY added protection from the sun. So, make sure you’re just as sun smart as ever when you hit the beach with your faux glow!


3. You can skip the self-tan prep and still get a great result

We’re all about saving time too, but some corners just aren’t made to be cut. And when it comes to self-tanning? Prep is just as important as the formula and application! 

All our seasoned self-tanners know this means a thorough exfoliation the day (or at least 6 hours) before tanning. As self-tanner likes to cling to dry, rough areas, this step is crucial to help prevent pesky patches and avoid an uneven fade. 

Like things silky smooth? Then make sure you also do your hair removal 12-24 hours before self-tanning. This allows enough time for the follicles to close – stopping self-tanner creating a dot-like pattern on your legs, and also helping to prevent irritation. (Psst, our exfoliating mitt is perfect for this!)

4. All self-tanners stink

If you’ve ever tried climbing into bed with your SO while your fake tan’s developed overnight, you’ve probably had a pretty cold reception. Because, the truth is, some self-tanning foams and creams give off a seriously funky, seriously strong smell. 

This sweet, yeasty, baked goods (but not in a good way) aroma is caused by the chemical reaction that occurs when the tanning agent DHA interacts with your skin. It’s the reason why our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is heavenly scented with Balinese mango and guava – so there’s zero biscuit smell, just blissful tropical island vibes from the moment you pop it on until it’s fully developed.

5. The darker the formula, the better!

Go hard or go home might be your Friday night motto, but you should keep it out of your tanning regime. One of the most avoidable things that can result in an unnatural looking tan is choosing a shade that’s much darker than your natural skin tone. 
Tanning formulas for dark skins have a higher concentration of DHA – and if you pile too much onto a porcelain complexion you run the risk of ending up orange. So, if you’re using Sunny Honey? Check out our article on choosing the right tanning shade, or try sticking with our Medium (lightest) shade if you’re ultra-pale to light, and going for Dark or Ultra Dark if you’re olive or dark-skinned.

6. It’s impossible to nail a streak-free self-tan

If you think you have to settle for streaks if you want to look sun-kissed, think again. Sunny Honey’s fool-proof colour-guide formula makes it virtually impossible to miss a spot or end up looking like a zebra. With a velvety applicator mitt for a smooth glide and kabuki brush to access those hard to tan areas, our Bali Bronzing Bundle ensures an even application and uniform results every time you tan.

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Customer tan-formations

This was my first time ever self tanning and I had the best first experience thanks to this tan! I was scared at first, but this tan really did wonders for me! As someone who burns easily in the sun, this is the perfect damage-free solution to tan!
This is the best fake tan I have ever worn. I've tried all of the popular ones like St. Tropez, but this is a cut above the rest! No orange tone and it wears away slowly and evenly.
FINALLY! I have a tan which is actually good for my skin and doesn't contain all the nasty, awful chemicals. It gave a really nice olive colour on my skin. I've never had so many compliments!
I've always avoided fake tan as my skin is very dry and sensitive. I tried Coco & Eve and my skin felt sooo nourished, smelt unreal and I didn't have any dry patches where my fake tan would usually cling to.
Sunny Honey gave me the most beautiful tan and perfected imperfections & cellulite on my legs. I loved using the kabuki brush on my feet and hands to ensure an even application. Zero complaints from me!
This was my first time using fake tan, all my fears of a fake tan disaster have disappeared. Bye bye milk bottles, hello bronzed pins!
Lexington Hartman
I have never used fake tan before and was nervous that I would be all orange and streaky but this looked so natural and I didn't get any streaks thanks to the awesome mitt and brush!! The smell is INCRED!
Madina Shrienzada
Obsessed with how perfectly golden this leaves my skin! Best part: this is the WORLDS FIRST fake tan formula to help reduce cellulite AND have anti aging
It smells sooo good and tropical! I like how this doesn’t apply super dark and develops over the 2 hours you have to wait before washing it off! The mitt is EVERYTHING! I’m obsessed with this and it wasn’t too dark, just enough to make me not as pale!!
I am an avid fan on fake tan and have been using it for years. Trust me when I say I have tried almost every self tan under the sun (pardon the pun). Now that I've used the Coco & Eve self tan I won't go back to any others! The colour is divine, not orange at all, sooo natural and dark (I buy the ultra dark and it's the deepest one I've ever found). No patches or streaks either! And OMG the scent too! It's an absolute god send. Please never change Coco & Eve!
My skin can get dull and dry so I was impressed at the glowy results of this fake tan!! It deeply hydrates my skin, making it extraaa soft. It is so easy to apply making me a golden goddess. This tan is great for Brown girls too!
I've always avoided fake tan as I have very dry sensitive skin and i've had a few bad experiences with patchy colour. I tried Coco & Eve fake tan and my skin felt sooooooo moisturised it was unreal. No patches where i had dry skin, no bad smell and no orange mess!

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